Recognizing the Type of Relationship You Have

Think you are in a healthy dating relationship? Take a moment to watch as Pastor Kyle shares something simple you can do to find out if you are actually in a healthy relationship.

Here are some additional resources on relationships…


Do you know what a healthy relationship looks like? Are you in one? Or, are you in a stressful and toxic relationship? This book can help you identify why you pick unhealthy people and teaches you what characteristics to look for in a trustworthy person. It also challenges you to look inward and work on becoming the healthiest you possible. Click here to order your copy.


Do you run yourself ragged trying to be everything for everybody? Are you exhausted from trying and never succeeding? Do you feel obligated to say yes to other’s needs? Healthy boundaries protect you and everyone around you. Discover the importance of setting boundaries with others and begin to take care of your own needs. You will understand why you behave the way you do, where habits came from, and how to break them. Click here to order your copy.


Have you allowed others to steal your joy? Are you constantly frustrated with the negative cycle of relationships in which you find yourself? Do you want to make a change in your relationship but aren’t sure where to start? Learn the difference between a “toxic” person and a “difficult” person. Gain discernment to know when you need to walk away from a relationship without allowing yourself to become bitter or angry. Click here to order your copy.


Do you really “love and cherish” your spouse, or is your marriage cold and lifeless? In a culture that is saturated with sex and tells you what relationships should be like, do you know what it means to “cherish” your spouse, in an intimate and God-honoring way? Each chapter also has practical reflection sections to challenge you and how you approach your marriage. Click here to order your copy.


Are you single? Divorced? Have children? Married? This is a book which can be helpful for so many people. Those that are single and dating can use this to help them navigate the “dating pool” in a way that honors God and themselves. For anyone divorced, this book can show where and why the marriage failed and encourage a fresh start. Married couples can use this to evaluate the quality of their marriage, and parents can use this with their children to prepare them for relationships and marriage. It encourages the reader to look within themselves to make change rather than trying to change everyone around them. Click here to order your copy.

Examine these 40 developmental assets young people need to succeed and thrive. They cover family and community supports, boundaries/expectations, extracurricular activities, school engagement, and characteristics of the individual. Research has shown that the more assets youth have, the less likely they are to engage in risky behaviors such as tobacco, alcohol, other drugs, violence, and early sexual involvement. For youth to thrive, they typically need at least 31 assets- yet most have only 19. Look at these assets and consider the youth in your life. What can you do to increase these building blocks and help them thrive?