What Do I Do?

These may be one of your many questions when it comes to taking in the news of you and your partner’s unplanned pregnancy. You could be wondering…

  • “Is the baby really mine?”
  • “How do I financially take care of a child?”
  • “How do I support my partner?”
  • “How do I go to school and support my child?”
  • “How do we tell our parents?”
  • “What about adoption, abortion, or parenting?”
  • “What does she expect from me?”
  • “As a single parent dad, can I get material support for my child?”

Be sure to sort through all your own questions and concerns with someone you trust before talking with your partner. While it’s still important to discuss them with your partner, it’s essential to work through your own emotions first before diving in too deep with your partner.

Talk with our caring and non-judgmental team at Crossroads to find the support you need. We can help you understand your options and no-cost support available to help you. You are not alone! Men need support too.

Supporting Your Partner

Your partner needs your support and attention as she navigates through her pregnancy. Be sure to listen well and be available for your partner whenever she needs you. This is a great way to support her right now.

It’s important to support your partner by coming along with her to her pregnancy confirmation appointments if you are able to. Before making a pregnancy decision, confirm your partner’s pregnancy results with lab-quality pregnancy testing and a limited ultrasound at our center. We offer these at no cost to you.

STD Testing & Treatment

We also offer STD testing and treatment to men and women needing clarity about their sexual health. If you have any concerns or questions, get tested today.

Other Services Include

  • Pregnancy decision consultations and support
  • Abortion information
  • STI testing and treatment for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia
  • Sexual health education
  • Support for new dads

Schedule a no-cost and confidential appointment today for pregnancy confirmation for your partner and for support. You are stronger than you know.