I’m Pregnant…Now What?

Maybe you just found out you are pregnant. Maybe you are struggling with the decision of what to do. Do you know your options?

Only you can make the choice that is right for you and your pregnancy. We want to give you some questions to consider as you weigh all your options. It is important that you take the time to consider all your options available and reach out to someone who can be both impartial and non-judgmental as you process these options to make the best-informed decision for you.

  • Have I done all the research I want to do?

  • What thought or emotion is motivating me?

  • Who will support me in my decision?

  • What choice is the most consistent with my values?

  • Do I feel like I will have to hide my decision from others?

  • Am I confident about my decision?

Here’s a little chart you can fill in to help you evaluate your top three options.


Pregnancy Options I’m considering


Why I Should Choose This Option


Why I Shouldn’t Choose This Option




Now- take all the pros and put them in order from most important to least important, and then do the same with all the cons.

Ask yourself- What do I think is the best option for me? Who will support me in my choice?

At Crossroads, we are here to provide non-judgmental care for you during this time. Please reach out to us to schedule a pregnancy test, or ultrasound, or to just discuss your options.