Abortion is More Accessible Than Ever… But the Risks are Real

Please be informed before deciding how to manage an unplanned pregnancy. Over the last decade, the face of abortion accessibility has been changing.

Two new emergency birth control pills have emerged. Plan B, around since 2006, has been termed the “Morning After Pill.” This pill can be taken within 3 days of unprotected sex and tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant, and stops the ovaries from releasing an egg. In 2010, ELLA was approved and can be taken within 5 days of unprotected sex. It delays ovulation and gives the sperm time to die. But, if ovulation has already occurred, it makes it harder for a fertilized egg to implant and can be considered a form of abortion.

While surgical abortions have been available for decades, in Sept 2000, in many states, including Pennsylvania, this pill can now be obtained through telehealth, (see link 1). It’s not necessary to go in person to see a doctor. Started as a result of Covid restrictions, women now have the ability to have a video session with a doctor, even one they have never seen before, and are able to obtain RU-486. In some countries such as Australia, it can be done by phone call alone. In April 2020, Senate bill 857 was vetoed in Pennsylvania, which would have required the doctor and patient to meet in person in same room before the abortion medication was prescribed. This form of telehealth can be very dangerous in several ways, but especially from a medical standpoint (see link 2). Women should be examined and evaluated, in person, by a physician, and have access to health care, especially since there can be difficulties even when medication is taken correctly. Women are taking these pills at home, without medical care, and are at great risk for serious complications (see link 3).

There is a way to possibly reverse the abortion after the abortion pill has been taken, which is being termed the “abortion reversal pill.” This pill has saved more than 2,000 babies’ lives so far. To learn more, please check out our webpage, Abortion Pill Reversal. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Our goal is to save lives, one baby at a time.


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